What rehabi-li-tar.com?


Rehabilitate, enable, inhabit, dwell ...

rehabi-li-tar.com integrates and coordinates professional companies and organizations dedicated to the management and promotion of rehabilitation.

The different combinations of our corporate name already suggests the range of services we offer, with a common denominator: the rehabilitation of homes in all its aspects. The concept is broad and can include responding to diverse needs: structural rehabilitation and construction of buildings, the use of common areas, the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency plans, financial management community owners, their financing, finding possible sources of income, housing development, management of common services and many others.


A company and a network

The operation of our services reflects the idea of ​​a network, flexible and adaptable to every requirement and every time. Each of its nodes represents an area, company or organization with an independent operation, far from a hierarchical structure. Or any personal or collective initiative. No matter the scope or its own peculiarity: its cumulative effect matter.

The core of rehabi-li-tar.com is a company that integrates, coordinates and manages the quality of services offered by all the network agents. Any professional, company or organization has a network. Their relationship allows many different ways, ranging from collaboration to complete integration. All, however, have in common respect for rules articulated by a link protocol based on the values ​​of commitment, effectiveness, transparency and mutual trust.


The Sports Network

In order to provide an appropriate response to an activity as diverse network organized in a number of areas, directly involved in the provision of services in a particular area or the coordination of specialized companies; or to both. The sidebar is a list of the areas available network and the link to the presentation of each.


Welcome to rehabi-li-tar.com

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Issue 1 (09/03/2016)

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Joaquim Iborra Posadas