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The rehabilitation of residential buildings poses powerful, which have involved the interests of diverse stakeholders. Nobody knows what strategy to follow, but many are aware of the importance of defining it and put it up. We have before us a vast panorama and still unexplored. Everyone knows a little plot, but we lack an overall sufficiently complete.

In this sense, the current area of ​​ wants to help guide a rational and effective performance criteria. It offered a space to share information, experiences, problems and solutions from a broad perspective and open to many different fields and agents. Therefore, we offer the general public a blog designed to collect and disseminate news and opinions related to rehabilitation.

This blog serves as the general information and opinion and the network is open to external contributions. His subject matter is broad and diverse, but with a common denominator: managing and promoting the rehabilitation of housing in all its aspects. This includes the rehabilitation of residential buildings, the advice of its occupants, management and financing of property owners, environmental comfort and energy efficiency, housing development with sustainability, etc.



Issue 1 (02/04/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas