Area Coordination a virtual platform is open, flexible structure as a mesh or network, where each of its nodes has an independent management. This requires the definition of operational guidelines apply to a lot of interests and situations. The Department is coordinating this mission: to propose to companies and professional acceptance of rules of performance and ensure compliance:

Area Coordination

This is not to interfere with or influence the activity of the members of the network, but to regulate it and articulate it to space within a coherent and transparent. Companies and professionals linked to the network, along with twelve of our departments and our agencies can take advantage of this shared space, where each contribution reverts to the benefit of all.


Whether you are an individual or you're a professional, company, institution or association, browse the web and know the potential value of our network. If you are interested merge, contact us by phone or email form in the sidebar.



Issue 1 (04/03/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas