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My academic training related to the world of construction began in Valencia with the top title of Technician in Development Project, after working 6 months for a major engineering entered the Polytechnic University of Valencia to study architecture where I got the title 2014


College life

The university days was quite prolific in both the field of training, performing multiple courses in software (3Dmax, PHP, CAD ...), attending conferences and events related to architecture; as in the field of student associations tissue, reaching senior positions such as the Chief of Students of the School of Architecture of Valencia or be a member of the Governing Council of the UPV (highest governing body of the university).

In parallel to the above I majored in communication managing multiple accounts on social networks, both in college and the local association level.


Laboral life

I have worked for other architects doing all kinds of projects, works, competitions ... I also touched the real estate sector working for various real estate both in the technical and in business, managing the entire process of buying property. Currently I coordinate the project area and construction management of rehabi-li-tar. VATS referee: 14068









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