About Joaquim Iborra Posadas


My professional profile is specialized in management, planning, coordination and control of the provision of services based on information processing and communications from new ICT technologies. My scope includes companies, administrations, associations, communities and private owners.

In my technical background, it should be noted:

I am an architect from the School of Architecture of Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia (year of degree: 1992) and a doctorate from the same university architect, where I defended the thesis in 2016 "Estimation of seismic vulnerability of a residential and prediction of their expected damage in terms of seismic intensity. "

I am an expert in quality management systems in professional studies and author of several applications in this area.

I am an architect and editor Project Director of planning and building works. In the field of residential rehabilitation, working on the reinforcement of concrete structures and in the diagnosis and repair of construction pathologies. In addition, I am Inspector accredited by the Ministry of Environment, Water, Urbanism and Housing - Government of Valencia.

I am an expert in the implementation of cloud computing systems in companies, authorities, associations and homeowners, based on cloud computing platform G Suite.

In 1992 I was a founding member of eixamplearquitectes.com, architecture studio based in Valencia, where I exercise my profession until 2011. In 2012 I organized rehabi-li-tar.com network dedicated to management and promotion of rehabilitation and two years later the company REHABI-LI-TAR.com. Management and promotion of rehabilitation SLU. Currently, as its manager and general coordinator of the network, I dedicate to the management and provision of services in the field of residential construction and new technologies: execution of works, drafting, coaching works, development and management, energy efficiency, providing online services, quality management, treatment and protection of information, etc.

Since 2005, I am Associate Professor of structural design in the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Theory in the School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports, Polytechnic University of Valencia.

As a forensic architect, I have written numerous expert opinions on structural pathologies and constructive on real estate valuations and planning.









Issue 1 (12/03/2016)

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Joaquim Iborra Posadas