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My professional profile is specialized in coordinating, planning and control teams for drafting and construction management of architectural projects.

I am an architect from the School of Architecture of Valencia UPV, since 2005 and studied the master's "Engineering the concrete" in the School of Civil Engineering, Canal and Port of Valencia UPV during 2012 2014.

It is in the field of residential rehabilitation where I have specialized, working on strengthening reinforced concrete slabs and beams wooden beams and diagnosis and repair of construction pathologies.

I have also written several expert opinions on structural and constructive pathologies and on property valuations, forensic architect since 2010.

From 2003 until 2012 I worked as an architect in the architectural eixamplearquitectes.com where besides coordinating teams, developed the quality management functions. Since 2012 I coordinate the project area REHABI-LI-TAR.com









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