Area courses and training


The rehabilitation of residential buildings, raised seriously the competition requires a wide variety of disciplines, techniques, professionals and companies. We are facing a very complex problems that demand solutions study by specialists. Architects, economists, engineers, lawyers, laboratories, administrators, sociologists, planners, construction companies and service providers and material assistance, etc .: everyone can contribute something useful and powerful a problem that affects directly or indirectly all society.


It is evident that the training of stakeholders should be a priority. We conceive this training in an integrated way and we propose as a dual purpose, the promotion of generalist and specialist in the field of rehabilitation. Which involves both the general diffusion of knowledge among specialists and the dissemination of knowledge among the general specific. Because it is so important specialization such as the adoption of a comprehensive overview sufficiently in order to understand how it fits each discipline and each activity on a global strategy for effective rehabilitation and viable.

The area offers courses and training courses, meetings, etc., delivered online or in person, on a variety of subjects:

Area courses and training



Issue 1 (08/12/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas