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Among the sectors involved in rehabilitation of residential buildings, the highlights of construction companies. Many of the interventions that require a building throughout its life, from its construction to its renovation, maintenance or adjustment, need the involvement of trades. Sometimes as principal agents, but often also as an auxiliary aid or other services. Repair low, clean detachment in front, provide aid work in a facility or another prop or consolidate a damaged area, etc. are some of the many occasions when we go to construction companies and their offices.


The Department works is aware of the key role of this sector in the rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings, particularly as essential auxiliary agent. Therefore, special attention devoted to provide it with a platform tailored to peculiarities. Here you will find companies specializing in providing jobs and help their work to any need or service. Here appreciate the availability, resilience and resolution of contingencies, as well as fitness and competence in the coordination of various agents:

Area of ​​work



Issue 1 (08/12/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas