Department of quality management systems is a free competition, held in conditions of maximum transparency. Those involved in the network (professionals, companies and organizations, but also their own clients and individuals) can voluntarily submit to rules of the game. They participate in the design of this strategy, based on their own experience and goals.


Our network accepts the value of quality management systems in place based on ISO standards, but to promote the market management system open, efficient, participatory, transparent, continuously improved and generating mutual trust.


It is the self-imposed practices of professional and business understood by all, supervisables and verifiable by all, in a sort of permanent public audit. In this regard, the mechanisms of publicity and openness of the internet inspire and serve as ideal support of this strategy. All the legitimate interests of the parties are and we want them to be promoters and referees:

Department of quality management systems


Moreover, the area of ​​quality management systems offer companies and professionals will soon seal qualification. Linking a company not imply recognition of this label. In fact, any company can be eligible, regardless of their relationship. Check the link, which will announce in due course.



Issue 1 (08/12/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas