Area networking technology a virtual network is open, because its nodular structure allows the direct participation of its associate members and partners. In this respect, fully identified with the concept of cloud computing, which features not only fail but draws a model of management and business.


From our point of view, cloud computing service that best fits our needs is offered by Google Apps. It is a virtual server that integrates diverse applications, such as email, calendars, document storage, creation and design of websites, manage contacts and groups, synchronization with PCs and devices mobile chat and voice and video, etc. All in a safe environment where an unlimited number of users can view, edit, comment, share and publish any type of file in real time and without installing any software: just a connection and an internet browser.


The benefits of a platform like Google Apps are very sophisticated. Companies and professionals can use them without installing own servers or the assistance of specialized personnel, with the consequent cost reduction. Any user, no specific computer knowledge can manage all these services, including the creation and design of websites. We believe that the network should be fully participative and open and so committed to the functionality of business structures of great flexibility and adaptability.


In short, is more than a business: is a network of individual and collective enterprises. His area networking technology offers a space to share and enhance this kind of systems management and communication integrated and which explain and promote realistic expectations offering companies and professionals: a space for reflection on new technologies and changes they cause.

Area networking technology



Issue 1 (08/12/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas