Who are we


rehabi-li-tar.com is an initiative of Joaquim Iborra Posadas.

After 20 years of experience in the field of architecture, urban planning, construction and rehabilitation, is in providing a platform capable of solving a complex and varied demand. Demand is so diverse that a single company will not be able to give them complete satisfaction and efficient. If demand is diverse, offering no less so. The client, when contracting a service, faces a difficult choice, with no reliable references. We are committed to ensure transparency of this process.


rehabi-li-tar.com not just a company. Is a network of professionals and companies engaged in the management and promotion of rehabilitation. This includes many different services: construction and structural rehabilitation of buildings, the use of common areas, the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency plans, the economic management of the property owners, their financing, search for possible sources of income, housing development, management of common services and many others.


No company can cover an area as diverse. Each need should be resolved by specialists under his own responsibility and guarantees. But it is essential to coordinate and integrate them all into a common platform. We offer this shared space, where each node of the network contributes its specific knowledge and experience which, in turn, is a pattern of action and diffusion alone could not arise.


We invite you to join our network and bring it to your experience. Explore the sidebar and discover their value and potential.



Issue 1 (08/12/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas