How to participate in the network


Every professional or company is incorporated value of the network, provided accept and practice a code of action clear, effective and transparent. Conversely, commitment to this code or protocol, derived from the overall experience of all those involved in the platform, is the distinctive value of the company or professional, compared to its competition. not eliminate competition within the platform; on the contrary, encourage it. Customers can find in competition, various offers to their needs. All, however, have shared values ​​in operation, generating customer confidence. We believe that the rivalry between the companies and professionals solvent not necessarily detrimental. What skews the positioning of such companies or professionals who have the difficulty in explaining to potential clients how they work, what guarantees they offer and how they justify the economic costs of their services.


Companies and professionals can take different degrees of connection to our network, according to their own interests. It can be integrated into the platform, establish a partnership or simply work with the network. The link is established by accepting a protocol, drafted the measure of the interests of the parties.


Any professional or company can ask joining the network. Just contact us and tell us how much link for you. Soon, we will make public some of these protocols bonding, which serve as models for new recruits.



Issue 1 (08/13/2016)

written by

Joaquim Iborra Posadas